Workshop 01 Interview: Alma

What feelings did you have when making a pocket for someone else? How did it feel to send your pocket out into the world?

It was a great experience taking the time to research the historical aspects of my project then create a pocket that was hand sewn. As I stitched at night to a kerosine lamp, by hand, I thought about the person I was doing this for while listening to the rain outside.

If you hand stitched your pocket, how was your experience? Did you experience a different sense of time, material or work?

Yes. Time felt suspended and I was connected through time to understand how many women contributed to society, just by hand stitching garments.

How did it feel to receive your pocket in the mail? Did your connection to your partner change?

It was fun. I realized we are all working within busy schedules.

Now that you have your new pocket, how have you used it?

I put it in my car as it’s bright yellow I can find things I need easily.

Any last thoughts, ideas or words you would like to say?

Great project, simple, straight forward and above all FUN.