Workshop 01 Interview: Ash

What feelings did you have when making a pocket for someone else? How did it feel to send your pocket out into the world?

I felt excited to make a pocket for another person. I spent a lot of time thinking about my pocket pal’s essence and trying to really put it all into her pocket. I was a little nervous to send out the pocket but hopeful that it would be received with affection.

If you hand stitched your pocket, how was your experience? Did you experience a different sense of time, material or work?

I machine sewed my pocket together. I find any type of sewing to be very meditative though. It’s as if time seems to sit still and all that exists is that moment.

How did it feel to receive your pocket in the mail? Did your connection to your partner change?

I haven’t received it yet 😦 BUT I saw pictures of it with the process and I look forward to the day we will unite.

Now that you have your new pocket, how have you used it?

I imagine I will use it as a floating pocket. I may add to it by giving it a cord so I can wear it around my neck, or I will use it as a pocket inside of a tote bag.

Any last thoughts, ideas or words you would like to say?

I absolutely loved this workshop, it was so fun and exciting and a little bit nerve racking. I would love to keep a pocket-pal group going, it’s a creative way to stimulate interesting discourse about apparel and of course pockets.

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