Returning the Love

This navy blue hoodie is one the pieces of clothing I’ve had the longest. My grandfather, coming over from Ireland on a visit, brought one for both my sister and I. About six or seven at the time, it was huge, but over the years I have grown into it and it has grown on me, aging into one of my most loved garments.

Years of wear and wash have taken its toll, however, and I noticed recently that almost all of the lettering on the back had disappeared. Wanting to return some of the love and care the sweater has treated me over the years, I set about retracing the letters with some embroidery thread. It proved to be a very healing process, and has made wearing it that much more meaningful. Other than choosing some slightly different shades of blue for each line, it was a fairly straightforward job, requiring little skill and continuous attention as I simply had to fill in the existing remnants of the graphic that was once there–and not worry too much about making sure it was perfect. As is the case with any type of handcraft, I tend to gravitate towards the wonky and slightly inconsistent anyways; embracing that throughout the process felt liberating, rebellious and wholesome. 10/10 would recommend.

– Naomi

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