The Broken Zippers Club

I found these pants at a thrift store; sturdy cotton, tags still on them, zipper broken. Honestly, and this may sound a little sad, but I was thrilled. These are the thrifting moments I live for. As you can tell, I ended up getting them and taking them home, where they sat at the bottom of my closet for months waiting to be tended to. 

I got around to scheduling a mending date and finally went about tearing out the zipper with my trusty seam ripper. Resewing the pieces back to each other was simple enough, and then I was able to approach the replacement closure. Buttons seemed like a good way to go, mismatched of course. Using a box cutter, slits were made on the top side and then finished simply by hand with some embroidery thread and needle. Overlaying the finished holes over the underside, a pen was used to mark their centers, which made it easy to sew on the buttons in place with the same thread. 

These pants are fantastic. Wearing them in almost any weather is great, and they have incredible pockets. The front pockets are incredibly deep, able to fit phone, mask, or hands easily. The back features one with a button closure (perfect for wallet), and one open slit; love the variety.

– Naomi

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