Make Mending Visible Again

One of the biggest fears people have about mending their own clothes is related to visibility. It is inevitably difficult, especially for those without much experience, to fix the smallest of tears or holes without it appearing visible to others. We’ve found this to be one of the most common deterrents to people looking to fix garments, and it shouldn’t be! Here at Pocket Change, we are hoping to develop a dialogue surrounding garments and investigate ways to make interventions seem more accessible to individuals. We see visible mending as an incredible display of agency and expression when it comes to taking charge of what and how you wear; and are hoping that more people embrace their own skill level when it comes to managing their wardrobe e and the possibilities that arise when facing wear and tear.

I got (had) a hole in my pocket!

Mending can be organized and methodical, or it can be sporadic and messy; each instance can be seen as a display of affection and commitment to any garment. Hopefully as a society we can continue to be more open to these sorts of interventions and collaborations with our own clothing and the people who had a hand in making them in the first place. In the long term, ensuring people are more comfortable and practiced doing so will allow us to wear our clothing for longer and develop more meaningful relationships with the fashion industry.

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